One of the most familiar objectives a plumber faces on a daily basis is the good old classic – a blocked drain. At David McCarthy Plumbing all of our service technicians and plumbers are highly qualified in fixing even the most complicated blockages and are more than happy to get your pipes clear and flowing once again.

Common causes of a blocked drain

I. Hair – For the long-haired fellas and ladies this is one of the biggest culprits for causing blocked drains Werribee. Solution? Drain covers.

II. Grease and Oils – these substances solidify easily and can form a tight blockage if not disposed correctly. Easily solved by absorbing all grease and oils from your frying pots and pans with paper towel!

III. Toiletries – Nappies, baby wipes, tampons and pads are several of the worst products to be flushed down the toilet. Why? It’s because these products are designed to absorb water and expand, making it very easy to block your pipes!

IV. Food – Food blockages are easy to avoid by clearing all food from your dishes before washing them as well as using a drain cover as a secondary form of prevention

V. Offset pipes – Older pipes may be victim to offsetting as over the years the ground can shift and tree roots can disrupt the pipes. The best solution to this is having your pipes checked annually with CCTV sewer cameras by your friendly plumbers at David McCarthy Plumbing.

How can David McCarthy Plumbing help?

The plumbers at DMP are friendly, efficient and most importantly, they know how to use their tools! All plumbers Laverton on site are trained and experienced in using CCTV sewer cameras to assist in finding the problem which lies in your pipes then working to come up with a quick and efficient solution. Our plumbers don’t only have the beauty but also the brains to know how CCTV can help reduce any further damage already caused to your pipes by finding the direct source and assist our plumbers Hoppers Crossing in fixing the damages already caused.

Who are we?

• 2019 Trades Business of the Year; National award winners

• Plumbing and Fire Industry Awards Nominees

• 2019 Wyndham Business Award finalists

• Friendly and determined locals willing to help

• A family

“If I had to live my live over again, I’d be a plumber” – Albert Einstein
Or “ A plumber is an adventurer who traces leaky pipes to their sources” – Arthur Baer